Monday, January 31, 2011

Obsessed with craft blogs :/

Yup, I admit...I'm addicted. It all started with the mod podged B that I put in my living room. Ever since then I have been wondering what else I can create. I've been searching people's blogs for some ideas and I have honestly become obsessed with finding new projects! I've made several things this weekend.

Remember how I mentioned I had found a $2 picture frame from the thrift store?! If not, I'll tell ya now. I decided to mod podge that picture frame and another that I had that didn't fit the colors in my house and I love how they turned out! (I only took a picture of the thrift store picture frame because I am not sure where I got the other picture frame, and I was too afraid to offend someone if it was a gift by mod podging all over it.)



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

School's Out for the Weekend!

Ben just completed his hardest testing block for the year. (I hope) He had 4 tests crammed into 2 days and I felt like I didn't have a husband for a little while. The wives of all the M1s had lots of get togethers so we didn't feel so bad about our husbands ignoring us while studying for the tests. Ben did pretty well and is just glad to be done with the tests. We decided to party for the weekend.
  • Friday we went to dinner at a CHINESE BUFFET with the Andersons. Ben had been begging me to go to one for a long time and I finally agreed. He picked a Chinese buffet that you couldn't even see in because the windows were all steamed up. After eating there, Ben decided having alllll the food you can eat isn't that great if the food isn't great. Therefore, next time we have Chinese it won't be from a buffet :)
  • Saturday Ben started the day with disc golf (what a surprise). I went thrift store shopping and found a picture frame for $2 that I plan on mod podging with. Then we had some friends over for a BBQ. We provided the burgers and our awesome friends provided the rest. We ate lots and played some fun games.
  • Sunday we went to church and then had the Andersons over for some dinner. Ben was proud of his chicken so he took a picture so that I could blog. Sarah made some delicious brownies that I wish we would have taken a picture of.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh my...CRICKET!

The spider crickets are finally disappearing from my house. I'm pretty sure it is just a bit too cold and they plan on visiting me again in August.

Today I had a little surprise though. I went into the storage closet at school to get some paper for Cara (the 3rd grade teacher I work with). I started lifting up the flap of the box to get the paper and out jumps a cricket! I don't know how I stopped from screaming. I jumped as far away from it as I could. I didn't want to go back to class empty handed so I thought I would try to kill the spidery looking thing. I couldn't find anything so then my brilliant idea was to kick the box and get the cricket to jump somewhere else. It worked so I QUICKLY lifted up the flap of the box and grabbed some paper so I could bolt out the door. As I was walking back to the class, I realized my heart was pounding AND I had grabbed way to much paper. Hopefully Cara just thinks I wanted to be helpful so she wouldn't run out again rather than thinking I am crazy :P

Just in case you forgot what my little friends look like I included the picture of them again!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The love of Ben's life

If you know Ben at all, you know that when he enjoys something he has to tell everyone about it and thinks about that thing 24/7. He calls his buddies or his family and talks and talks and talks about it and tries to convince anyone who is listening to read it or try it or buy it. He starts acting like a little boy and can't go to bed because the thing he enjoys is always on his mind. Right now that thing he enjoys oh so much is Disc Golf. He has discovered many courses around here and now that he has started playing I don't think he could go on living if he had to stop. Lucky for Ben, Evan is just as excited about the game so he has a buddy to go with at least once a week.

I tried to get a picture with the disc right after Ben threw it but it wasn't working... That is why Ben is not centered at all.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Updates.

  • Ben started working in the ER. His first day was 2 Wednesday's ago. He will get to go for 3 hours every other week. He's still enjoying med school and we're surprised how quickly time is going by.
  • Work is going well for me. I was originally in 3 different classes during the day but now I only work with a 3rd grade class. It has been kind of nice because I know the kids a lot better and I know what the teacher expects of me because I am with her every day, all day. I just got new kids to tutor after school. They all seem like they are going to work well for me and like they are going to be fun kids.
  • We got new callings. We're now in nursery. I am with the 1 1/2 - 2 year olds and Ben is with the 2 1/2 - 3 year olds...We have 3 nurseries and each one has 8 - 10 kids! Can you imagine what our sacrament meeting sounds like? Ben decided he can wait a little longer to have kids after his first week in there.
  • Our ward has 2 basketball teams that play against other teams in the stake. Ben is the captain of one of those teams and their first game is tonight.

Who won?!

I did! This last summer Ben got hooked on Dominion. It is a board game that he played at the Strong's house while we were having a family party. We bought the game shortly after the party but I absolutely refused to play because it wasn't the kind of game I consider fun. This drove Ben CRAZY. He finally convinced me to play 2 weekends ago and I beat him 2 times in 1 night and the next night I didn't win the over all game but at least I beat his score :) I found out that I enjoy the game a lot (SHHHH) and learned a good lesson. I need to be more open minded about things and be willing to try them.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My new favorite thing is mod podge!

I have been searching for a "B" for Brockbank everywhere to decorate with. I couldn't find any that I liked or that were within my budget. I decided I was done trying and I would make my own. First, I found a cool plain B at the craft store. Then, I got the scrapbbooking paper I liked the best. After that, I mod podged pieces of the paper to the B. Next, I let it dry. Lastly, I put it on my shelf! The best thing about this B is as long as you already have the mod podge the project was $2 total. If you don't have the mod podge then it was $6. :)

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben turned 25 yesterday so we are the same age again! He got a grill for his birthday that according to him made him a man. Friends came over to celebrate last night. We had a brownie trifle (Ben's favorite that his mom usually makes for him) and peanut butter pie. Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben decided to show off his overalls to everyone at the party. He is very proud of them because: 1. They were a dollar 2. They fit him 3. He's going to get to wear them every Halloween as part of a costume and 4. The guy next to us was buying them to wear as an everyday, normal outfit

Sunday, January 2, 2011

All we wanted for Christmas and MORE!

We wanted to give a big THANK YOU to our families for everything they did for us during the holidays. We know Christmas isn't all about the presents but it doesn't hurt to show what we did get does it?

Ben and I think we must have been extra good this year because between our two families we got everything we asked for and more. :) From my mom I got the clothes I wanted and lots of things that are Twilight Woods scented (my favorite, Ben and Gwen got me hooked and my mom helps me stay stocked up). I also got my very first smart phone that I have enjoyed big time. It is weird to be connected to the internet no matter where I go. Ben got a new game and the Hawaiian shirt he has been looking everywhere for. My mom also paid for our trip to Florida!

From Ben's parents we got some new comfy couches! I realized I have never put any pictures up of our apartment so you can see the before and after but we are loving our new set up and our new couches. I've been hanging out downstairs more than I used to!

Ben wouldn't move so he got to be in all of the pictures with my pink blanket :P

Thanks again mom, Lori, and Harold! We love you :)