Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank you public library

We've made it to Virginia safe and sound. I'll be posting pics of our journey soon but we have no Internet which means we had to come to the public library to even check our mail. Sad news...facebook is BLOCKED! I guess I am going to have to survive another couple of days without it.

We are having trouble with our apartment. It is really nice with freshly painted walls and new carpet BUT it has a major problem. It smells like Ben and I are chain smokers! We're trying to see if the office will either put us in another apartment or help us get the smell out. This means no unpacking for us and it means we don't want to set the Internet up yet. Our big moving truck should be getting here Tuesday so we are hoping we have things figured out by then!

We've seen some really interesting people here so far. We are definitely NOT in Utah anymore. We got to our apartment complex around 4:30 yesterday and the maintenance guy named Walter asked where we were from. We said Utah and he said, "Ohhhh you are some of those people." I hope he likes "those people".

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's all coming to an end

It's all coming to an end but we are excited for something new to begin. We've been very busy this last week. We've been visiting friends that we will miss, spending lots of time with family, packing up our apartment, getting our cars worked on, and we finished Ben's chest of drawers that he started last summer. (Ben did such a good job that I already know what I want him to build for me next!) While we have been doing all of this Ben has still been working at the MTC. Today was his official last day after working there for 3 years! The MTC was very good to him but he is excited to move on. The next couple of days should be fun but stress filled. We are moving out of Robbie's so we will have everything up in Murray tomorrow night. Tuesday we are getting the truck all loaded up with our stuff (WE HAVE WAY TOO MUCH). Wednesday we will be off to Virginia!

Here are some of the highlights.

Ben and I at the Rodeo
With most of the group at the Rodeo
I had a late night with my teacher friends
Savy and I went out to lunch while our husbands worked!
The chest of drawers is done! Blake helped a ton.
I decided I love staining and glossing as long
as Ben does the building!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Might as well start now!

I canceled my old blog...which didn't really matter because I hadn't really done anything with it in over a year and never really paid a whole lot of attention to it even when I actually used it. SO I've made a blog for Ben and I. Ben and I have now been married for 2 and 1/2 months. It's pretty crazy how time flies. Feels like we've already been married forever so I am wondering what a year will feel like. We are enjoying newlywed life. We're moving to Virginia in 2 weeks and will be away from our families. I'm starting this blog so Ben and I can keep everyone up-to-date on our hopefully exciting lives. If it isn't exciting...then I might try to make it seem more exciting through the blogs so you can stay entertained :)