Sunday, February 19, 2012


I think this is Ben's favorite that I have made :)

Got the idea for this here.

Can't get enough of my Silhouette!!!

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day Ben and I kept it REALLY simple.  He had planned on surprising me with tickets to see The Lion King (we go this Thursday!!!) but I ruined the surprise when he saw me looking at tickets and was afraid I would find a good deal and just buy them.  He really shouldn't have worried though because I never buy anything without running it by him and I NEVER find good deals...  My gift to him was a promise to make more home cooked meals.  We eat at home most nights but our dinners often consist of spaghetti, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, etc.

On Valentine's Ben studied all day and I went to work all day so by 6 that evening we were pooped.  We hopped in the car and drove to pick up our fancy dinner :)  (Note: I had onion rings but they didn't make it through the car ride home.)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crafting with my silhouette!

December, January, and February have been awesome!  I've made lots of crafts and I am having tons of fun with my new Silhouette CAMEO.  Here's some of the crafts I have been making!!

One of my favorite quotes!

I got the temple picture from here.

Paige found these conversation blocks here and we copied!
I like my conversation blocks so much that I decided I needed to make some for every holiday!
I've had several "crafting" days with friends but this is the only one I remembered to take a pic of!


 Ben had his birthday in the beginning of the month.  His birthday was on a Friday but I was sick so we celebrated it on Saturday.
He put on his new Hawaiian shirt from my mom.
To celebrate we went to dinner with the Tracy's.
After dinner the Rainey's joined us and we played games.
After games we had a brownie trifle.  Ben was getting sick at this point (not such a great birthday
present from me) so we didn't let him get too close to the trifle.  

At the end of January we went on an awesome date we found through living social.  They had a coupon for comedy sportz.  It was an improv show where 2 teams are competing to be the funniest.  We loved it!