Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas/Yellowstone with the Brockbanks

This was a Brockbank Christmas year so we headed to Utah for 2 weeks.  Traditions...the Brockbank's are all about traditions.  If you try to leave any cinnamon pull-aparts you will not hear the end of it.  Just ask Ben's mom :)

We went to see Santa...Santa didn't want Ben to sit on his lap so I had to. 

       We went to see the Christmas lights and nativity on Temple Square.

We acted out the story of Christ's birth on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas we went to church, called Brandon, opened presents, and went to Grandma Prince's house for lunch.

Ben and I felt pretty dang lucky.  Ben's parents flew us out to Utah, spoiled us with clothes, games, candy, hair clippers, etc.

A couple days after Christmas we headed to Yellowstone.  We were worried there would be no snow but as you can see there was no need to wrorry!

Out to lunch at a Pizza Place

We stayed at a place called Three Bear Lodge and ate at this restaurant that had 3 bears several times. A picture with the bears was a must :)

Early Christmas and Birthday

My mom sent presents early to Virginia so we had an early Christmas/birthday opening party!

My gifts from my mom were pearl earrings, a new ornament and a gift card to use for crafts! It was very appropriate because for my birthday Ben and his parents got me a Silhouette Cameo. Let the crafting begin!!!

Ben got a new Hawaiian shirt! I still need him to model it for me.
He also got a gift card and from me he got a new game :)

Thanksgiving in Williamsburg

Ben's parents helped us rent a condo for Thanksgiving and we were able to invite some friends along. Ben and I weren't exactly excited about cooking a Thanksgiving meal so we invited the right families! The Vanhille's and Johnston's came up the whole weekend and the Hinrich's came up on Thanksgiving with us.

Highlights of the trip were: Eating, hanging out with friends, Vanessa gave us cute aprons that she made, and shopping. The boys highlights would probably be: eating, eating, modeling the girl's cute aprons, and disc golfing.

Awful picture of me but it shows the cute aprons Vanessa made for us!

These guys are special...

The Vanhille's and Johnston's are responsible for the delicious meal and
decorations...I just did the dishes :) Lara and Vanessa put a lot of
thought and hard work into the meal and it paid off.

Vanessa made rolls with slips of paper in them that said what everyone was thankful for.

Everyone ready to dig in!

Getting ready for Black Friday shopping. Somehow we didn't get a picture of Matt but he was definitely involved in all the shopping. He may or may not have been more excited than his wife even :)

1:30 AM and ready for bed but excited about the deals we found.

The kids we got to spend the weekend with...minus Kara :/

We went to a park so the kids can play and Ben could play frisbee golf and had a picnic.