Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer happenings.

Carter Mountain.  Hmmm...what does every other girl have that I do not?  Yup that's right.  Ben and I are outnumbered when it comes to families with children versus families without!

Krump Park.  Didn't have my own child so I borrowed Lara's.  Thanks Lara!

 This summer flew by!  I can't believe I go back to work on Wednesday!  I wish I were going back as a teacher but going back as an assistant to the school I work at is second best.  I work with some awesome teachers and know I can learn a lot from them until I get my own classroom.  I have spent my summer with friends and family, tutoring, babysitting, getting in shape, and a whole lot of relaxing.  Not a bad summer if ya ask me.  Saw this picture on Facebook and thought it was perfect!

Dominic turns 1! Surprise visit to Florida.

This little guy turned one so my Mom helped me surprise my sister for his birthday!  We were successful and my sister was completely surprised :)

Blowing kisses!  Soooo lovable!
Dominic loved his cake!
Pooped out that night!

Visiting my nieces and nephews makes Florida ten times better!!!

Enjoyed spending time with some friends!

Thanks to my mom for helping me surprise Alyson!  Somehow I never manage to get any pictures with my mom even though she is the one I spend the most time with!

New York/Ohio trip

Ben had a total of 3 weeks this summer that he got to spend doing whatever he wanted.  One of those weeks was Boston.  The week after we spent time relaxing at home and the 3rd week we met up with Ben's family in New York.  We did so much that I don't think I will be able to remember absolutely everything.  My absolute favorite things we did were visiting the Palmyra temple, Sacred Grove, and Hill Cumorah Pageant.  

We found ourselves in woods quite often. We visited the Morley Farm, the Quarry where stones were cut for the temple, the Sacred Grove, and of course disc golfing!  Ben, Blake, and Harold went disc golfing 3 times on this vacation!!!

Kirtland Temple
Brad was on the work crew for the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
The whole Gang at the Pageant
Hill Cumorah Visitor Center.

Ben, Blake, and Gwen were able to do baptisms at the Palmyra temple while Lori, Harold, and I did endowments.

We learned so much about church history and loved this vacation.  Thank you Brockbank family for letting us tag along!!!