Sunday, February 20, 2011

4 boys and a girl...

So this last summer when Ben and I got married we moved into Robbie's basement so that we didn't have to sign a contract anywhere before we moved to Virginia. Ben was definitely okay with the situation because Bean and Bry lived with Robbie too so Ben got the best of everything. He got a wife and he still got to live with all his buds. I was okay with it also because while Ben and I were dating the boys kind of became like my brothers but I also had two doors separating us from the boys if they got annoying (JK...they were never annoying).

Friday night Bean stayed with us. We ate pizza and played games (the obvious thing to do when the boys get together). Saturday we met up with Robbie and Angie in DC for a game of frisbee golf. We were supposed to stay for dinner but Ben got sick and we headed home early. We were sooo happy to see our friends and had a fantastic weekend with them!

I got to meet Angie for the first time and I approve :)
We picked the complete wrong day for frisbee golf. It was very windy but at least the day was beautiful. The place we went involved a lot of walking and at times meant crossing a river or going down steep hills! It was pretty cool.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Valentine's Day a little early because Ben is in the middle of testing. Ben had a test Friday, will have 2 on Tuesday and 1 on Wednesday. We went to dinner on Saturday at a yummy Mexican restaurant and both got each other a bouquet. Take a look...

At the restaurant waiting for our food

Look at the size of Ben's burrito! He actually had leftovers for once.

I love daisies.

Ben loves reeses so I made him some flowers that taste really good.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm watching you

So...I got to be in kindergarten for a little bit on Friday. There was a little girl in between 2 other girls and she was being a little mean to the two girls she was beside. She wasn't doing anything bad so I kind of just watched her for a few minutes. I couldn't help but start laughing when she decided she was done with the conversation they were having. The way she ended it was not by saying anything, but by using her index finger and middle finger to slowly point to her eyes and then she pointed at one of the little girls. I think I may try that with Ben sometime :) A couple minutes later she started being mean again and I had to talk to her.

We've had a good week. I've been working and Ben's been studying. We got a little snow this week but it wasn't anything to really talk about. We are starting to have some really pleasant days and I am definitely ready for the nice Spring weather to stay around for awhile. Ben started studying early this morning so he could take a break to go play disc golf which meant I knew I would have a day to craft!

Here is today's craft:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Excited would be an understatement...

Ben got an iPhone! If you said he was excited you would be WRONG. He's ecstatic times 10. His phone broke more than a few months ago and he started the waiting game for the iPhone. He definitely has more patience than me. It finally came yesterday. Yay for Ben's new phone!

P.S Ben is currently starting another round of studying crazier than usual because he has tests coming up the day after Valentine's Day. What a bummer :(

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chuggin along...

Time is going by so quickly and each day is full of many things. I have 2 jobs, Ben is in school, we both have a calling plus we both have extra assignments for church that we work on, we try to do service and help those around us, and we live around a bunch of young married couples who always have fun things planned. We fill our days to the max and most days start out feeling like they will never end. But, here we are in February and we are already more than half way through the first year of med school! It feels great. I'm pretty sure being more than half way through the fourth year will feel better though. :)

Ben got some AWESOME news yesterday. He has a job doing research this summer! Lately, he has been very interested in anesthesiology. No, that is not an announcement that he will be trying to become an anesthesiologist but it is something he will definitely be considering. With this internship he will be putting in data for a professor and having the opportunity to shadow different doctors in the area. The doctor he will be working with had a lot of enthusiasm for the position he created for Ben and is looking forward to working with him. Ben is very excited for the opportunity and if you want to know more I am sure he would be happy to tell ya!

On to the crafty side of life...I made this wreath last weekend and waited to put up a picture until I had a that I have the flower I am not positive I picked the best flower but it will do for now...