Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creepy Crawly Critters

Seriously...I DON'T LIKE BUGS. They need to leave me alone. Ben found a big spider right outside our door while I was on the phone with a friend. The spider was so big and the web it had spun was so awesome that we made our friend come over with her kids to see. Here are the events...

1. I zoomed in all the way on my camera to be able to get a shot of the spider. I didn't dare get too close to it. This prevented me from getting a good picture of the web. can imagine how far away I was if that picture was all the way zoomed in! :)

2. Ben sprayed then swatted the spider, I screamed, and the Layton's watched with interest.

3. Because Ben had sprayed the spider and then swatted it when it fell, the web was left intact and I was able to get close enough to get a good picture! That web had been made overnight!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Our Fault...and we're soooo sorry!

We should have known when we "accidently" invited way more Ute fans to our home on game day than BYU fans that it would end in a disaster...and it definitely was a DISASTER, or catastrophe....which ever you want to call it.

We're pretty much the coolest people ever!

And then there were the Utes...we still like them though :)

I especially like the BYU pillow in the background that Ben's sister made for him!

A week to remember!

Ben and I were in an earthquake and a hurricane (kinda) within the same week.

Earthquake story: I was just getting home and walking from my car to my apartment when the ground started rumbling. I looked around to find the big truck that was coming down the road that could create such a rumble but didn't find it. So then I looked up at the apartments and started cursing the complex in my head these things are a piece of junk. I bet something is falling apart. THEN...all my neighbors started running outside (FYI you are NOT supposed to do that in an earthquake!). One guy was screaming, "Did you feel that? Things are falling off my walls!" I finally realized we were experiencing an earthquake and I thought the end of the world was coming or something! I kept trying to think if I had ever heard of an earthquake happening in Virginia and I had not. Later we found out the center was only 50 miles from us. The magnitude was a 5.8 and it was the biggest to hit Virginia in over 100 years! Where was Ben during all this? Ben was in an exam room with a tongue blade in his mouth. A classmate was practicing an exam on him!

Hurricane story: This one isn't too exciting. There was LOTS of rain and LOTS of wind. In our backyard some trees fell and we lost power for only 2 hours. Can you guess what we did for those 2 hours?! Our friends came over and we played games! We thought it wasn't too bad but then we went out driving and saw many big trees down in the roads. Also, some people were without power for a week. We felt blessed and protected. Here's a picture of our back yard: