Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog Post...finally.

Once again...too much to write about and I actually want people to want to read my posts so I will try to keep this short and sweet. Here are pictures and captions to describe some recent events :)
Ben finally got me to play Killer Bunnies again. There are several games I am not a fan of and this is one of them. I won the game and now Ben can't keep complaining that I won't play!

We went to the Med Ball with some other people in Ben's classes. We danced a little. Mostly I wanted to dance and Ben wanted to be goofy. My favorite part was getting dressed up and going out with my husband. He's a keeper.

***Somehow I didn't get a picture of my family while we were home for Thanksgiving. This is where that picture would be :) We drove to Florida on Wednesday and drove back on Sat night/Sunday.

Some highlights of Florida were....
  • Lauren Clough (Ben's friend from BYU) came along! I had fun getting to know her better and Ben and her got to talk med school talk (A LOT).
  • My mom cooked us a GREAT Thanksgiving meal. I hadn't been home for Thanksgiving in 3 years.
  • We went to see Harry Potter #7 Part 1 to get ready for the Park.
  • All of the girls (plus my brother-in-law) got up at 4 to go Black Friday shopping while Ben slept in and played the Wii with my niece and nephew.
  • Went to lunch with Sarah to catch up.
  • Went to the beach and saw a sand snowman!
  • I got to see Reina and her new little baby. She is soo cute!
  • We went to St. Armands for ice cream with some high school friends.
  • And last, but not least, went to Islands of Adventure and got to see the new Harry Potter Park. After we had finished for the day we went to dinner at the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world and then said good-bye to my mom. We'll see my family again in 3 and 1/2 weeks for Christmas!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Brockbank Update...

Life is going well and we are getting busier and busier. Ben is doing very well in his classes. He got a card from the lady who interviewed him for med school. The card congratulated him on getting Honors on his first med school course. She also said she knew he had a bright future ahead of him. I'm very proud of him!

Working has been great for me. I'm having many opportunities to teach and I am working with some AWESOME kids. I'm doing what I love and kind of enjoying the fact that I get to come home and be done for the day. As a teacher I got used to coming home and always having something else to do. I never felt done. Now, I really don't have anything else I can do :)

This last weekend we went to D.C. The Olson's were planning on going and invited us along. We went to the temple for a session and then went to the zoo. We saw some really fun things and enjoyed our time there. It was kinda chilly out. The boys didn't bring sweaters and Paige and I had light sweaters. Everyone else was walking around with snow clothes on! They had BIG jackets on, leg warmers, and beanies. It was making me laugh. That would have been me if I never moved to Utah!